Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Write the damn story

I am a frustrated writer. I have a storyteller's soul, a need to share, some eloquence. But I never actually write the damn story. Or song. Or essay. Or whatever.

I had a unique experience today — outside influences telling me to write the damn story. This is a note to self, to remind me to listen. And also to follow through.

It happened that I had two doctor's appointments today. With two different providers. In two different fields. Just one of those things — I scheduled them both for the same day, so I could knock them out and be done with it.

Both of these doctors are smart, empathetic, caring women whom I've been seeing for a while and with whom I feel very comfortable. (I'm fortunate to be in a good place, health-care-wise. I have great providers.)

At these two appointments, I told each of these smart women a story. Two different women. Two different stories. One story about stuff I'm going through now. Another story about something I went through recently.

Both of these smart women that I respect and admire said the things below. And also hugged me:

• You are so very brave.

• You are going to get through this, and you're going to be OK.

• I wish you could write this story, because I think it could help other people.

Two completely different doctors. Hearing two completely different stories.


So - I've decided that if I trust these women (and I do), I need to take these things they said to heart.

• I am brave. (It feels weird and braggy to say that about myself. But I see myself through their eyes, and I believe this to be true.)

• I am going to get through this and be OK. (This, I believed already.)

• Then there's that last one... Write the stories. Something I was already thinking I wanted to do. These stories could help people. These stories are very, very personal, but I feel OK with sharing them. When it was just me telling myself to write the stories, I was afraid I was leaning toward oversharing. But these two very smart women who I trust told me the same thing. Write the stories. They could help someone else.

So - I'm going to write the stories. I don't know what I'm going to do with them when they're done. They'll both require some research to do them justice. I'll start by writing the parts I know – the parts I lived through – then figure out the research needed. I can do this.

Writing them is the first step.  <3 p="">

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