Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Choice cuts: music finds for the week of 10/7/15

Watkins Family Hour - self titled: Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins, and star-studded cast of musical badass friends. (Fiona Apple! The bass player from Soul Coughing, among other amazing people! Doing rootsy authentico bluegrass! Mind-bendingly awesome.)


Love this Nancy Griffith tune and used to cover it, but forgot all about it.


Jeremy Pinnell - OH/KY: purt near every damn track

The Wood Brothers - Paradise: I heart Medeski, Martin and Wood, but somehow The Wood Brothers escaped my notice.

The Meadows Brother - Won't be Troubled: Tennessee Stud and Boomer's Story


Original (or at the very least damn early)1919 recording of Blues My Naughty Sweetie Give to Me on the Library of Congress website

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