Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tail-less Gecko (?) Catch and Release

Tail-less Gecko (?) Catch and Release

This guy is part of our accidental critter catch and release program.

The young cat has started catching critters outside (alive), bringing them in the cat door, then releasing them in the house, where they usually promptly escape under some piece of furniture. We find them later, sometimes alive, sometimes not. So far, roaches, crickets, lizards, geckos, a cicada and one small toad have cycled through the house, and been released back outside.

Found this poor guy in the corner of our dining room today, tail-less but otherwise not too terribly beat up. The stuff stuck to his tail stump is cat fur he must have picked up while hiding from the cat. Took him outside and let him go -- he was a little shaken up, so he hung out (played dead) and posed for a picture. I hope he makes it.

Need to look up his species.

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