Saturday, September 12, 2015

A flashback to one of my favorite days (so far) on this planet

Throwback... Friday? Saturday? What time is it? Whatever day it is, just Throwback.

Last night, I stumbled onto this little video my buddy John Whipple shot, from a 2004 gig I did with Glenn Allan at Bubba's Big Deck in Gruene, Texas. For those that know Gruene, this spot is right next to the low water crossing/bridge. Basically at river level. Which mean the big deck washes away in a flood every few years. But it's a sweet spot, so they rebuild. The deck has been in various locations after various rebuilds - this particular configuration, with the deck thrust out over the water and the river at our backs, was my favorite.

In the video, you'll see and hear Glenn and I singing a duet on the Beatles' Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. This is a tune I brought to the Glenn+Kim show, having done it for years prior with my old band in Hawaii, Manny's Bones.

Heard but not seen (which is how I prefer my rhythm sections - KIDDING!) are the ├╝ber talented and all around good guys Ernest Hernandez on bass and Luckey McClain on drums, who currently each front their own creative ventures*/bands (King Pelican and The Mullberrys, respectively - both bands kick ass).

That day was one of my favorite days yet on this planet, with my back to that beautiful river, playing music with this fine folk, jumping in the water to cool off between sets, drinking beer with good friends afterward. If I could keep time in a bottle, this is the day I'd save.

Thanks for this bit of ancient history, John, on the old YouTube account you've probably forgot about (Old Crow Boys open mic series at Riley's - you used this old video just to test the account). We all leave a digital breadcrump trail - yours is always fun to follow.

*PS - while King Pelican does play surf, the Ventures pun was unintended. I noticed it but left it there, because it made me laugh.

PPS - once upon a time, in Hawaii, I played for a number of years with another kick ass rhythm section, who DID prefer to be heard and but not seen. They'd do session work under the pseudonym "The Rhythm Butchers." The drummer from that bygone era, James Ganeko, now fronts his own creative venture/band - also a surf band - called Tiki Taboo. Small/weird world. I see a future King Pelican / Tiki Taboo tour / gig opportunities. Of course, both bands would have to let me sit in - ha!

PPPS - Managed to dig up some pics from my cache of historic hoarded data, and have posted them on Flickr. Here are shots from that day, plus some shots from a couple other times we played at Bubba's with Glenn's daughter Molly Curran on bass. All photos taken by Chris Mackenzie.

Old gig pix - Bubba's Big Deck, 2004-2005

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