Friday, August 16, 2013

Peruvian tree cactus, night bloom just opening

Goofing around with my new camera (another point-and-shoot, because I'm way too lazy to drag around and learn how to use a DSLR). Still learning how to use it - it's fancier with more manual control than my old one.

This cactus is night blooming. Rather large flowers, maybe 5-6" in diameter when they're fully open. This one is just opening.

I normally don't see the flowers until the next morning when they're rather spent and starting to close again, but Daniel was out in the garden tonight and noticed this fresh one. He had a flashlight and stuck it inside the flower, which looked surprisingly cool. I went and grabbed the camera on Auto (don't know how to use most of the settings yet) and after a few shots, ended up with this.

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