Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Window Between Worlds - Art as a Healing Tool

AWBW - Art As A Healing Tool from Audrey Salzburg on Vimeo.

Want to share with you this video from a nonprofit I recently came across. A Window Between Worlds uses hands-on art as a tool to help battered women and children put words to their feelings and work through those feelings toward a better future.

Art therapy is certainly a term I've heard and a concept I thought I understood, but I don't think I've seen it in action the way it's shown in this video, or quite realized how powerful a tool it can be. I found this video to be very moving - seeing how closed down and wary the participants are at the beginning of the workshop, and how they're able to open up by the end. The kids in particular look visibly more relaxed and comfortable in their own skin at the end, when they're assembling their tiles to make the mosaic.

This quote from the workshop sums it up for me: "No matter how bad or ugly our past was, our future doesn't have to be that way." This very simple concept may not be obvious to victims of abuse; perhaps an experience like this workshop will help them realize that what's been done to them does not define them.

I was introduced to this nonprofit by {rhymes with bubbling} clients W. Vito Montone and Kim Castle who are currently running a fundraising campaign. If you'd like to contribute, visit their campaign page here.

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