Monday, August 22, 2011

Play Me a Song When I'm Gone

Finally figured out how to extract the audio from the Ustream video of Miss Maggie's birthday bash (Ustream's site is a little buggy and several people -- including Brad, whose tune I borrowed -- were never able to get it to play).

So here's the song I sang for my friend and sistah on her birthday this year. I think she would have dug it.

Play Me a Song When I'm Gone performed by Kim Mackenzie (words and music ©Brad Svoboda)

Song written by my dear Texas friend Brad. Being backed up by dear Hawaii friends Sean (guitar, backing vocals), Bailey (keyboard) and James (drums) - Sean and I had a chance to rehearse, but Bailey and James's had never heard the tune before. I was just trying to get through it without breaking down. Somehow, it all came together, and I'm proud of how it came out.

The quality is pretty iffy (built-in laptop mic), but I'm glad to have this recording. I'd like to do a studio recording, with these same players and pretty much this same impromptu arrangement.

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  1. So I post this, and Soundcloud IMMEDIATELY goes down. It's like the universe does not want this track to be heard :)


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