Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crowdsourced logo for @1stwebdesigner? I say no. I support the #AntiSpec campaign.


(Some background from the AntiSpec site: "Working on spec is when a single designer or agency design for free in the hope of winning a project." Also covers crowdsourcing/design contests where a small amount of money and/or "lots of exposure" is dangled as a prize. For more thoughts on AntiSpec here, check my blog post about the Huffington Post Twitter logo contest).

The next chapter in the AntiSpec campaign looks like it may be interesting if for no other reason than there are going to be a lot of p/o'd identity designers when they read how easy this guy thinks their job is. I look forward to their creative responses to this:

"I contacted Dainis Graveris yesterday, the founder of 1stWebDesigner, to give him the opportunity to pull the competition in order to avoid a public AntiSpec campaign. Dainis explained that he is against spec work for web design but suggested that it’s ok for logo design because there isn’t as much time involved."

Their "well, it's just a logo. How long can it take?" attitude is not going to endear them to the design community. I somewhat suspect they couldn't care less about what the design community thinks, and will take the free publicity, good or bad. So I'm thinking this might be fun to watch.

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