Friday, March 18, 2011

Aloha, Maggie

I lost my dear friend Maggie Chang last weekend after a year and a half of fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Maggie was one of the most full of life people I've ever known – spunky, funny, thoughtful, smart.

Trying to describe her is going to fall flat, but here are a couple of pics I found on her Flickr and Facebook that I think capture her awesomeness:

Maggie Tongue

My all-time favorite pic of her – I was there the day it was taken at our favorite little beach on Diamond Head (Suicides). Maggie and Tunji had a copy in a frame at their house, so I've seen it often. I lucked into a scan of it on her Flickr account. Circa 1996-ish, at Diamond Head Beach in Hawaii. I met them both a little before this (maybe '95 or so? Shortly after they moved to Hawaii, anyway.)

Me at Grappas

Playing with El Destroyo at the Roots Rumble, Hong Kong, March 2009

Maggie bass laugh

Playing with El Destroyo in Hong Kong, May 2008

Photo by Nora Tejada. Styled by Steph.

Promo shot, October 2009. Photo by Nora Tejada. Styled by Steph.


at the Macau Int'l Music & Arts Fest, August, 2010

Purple always makes me think of Maggie (purple, and pigs, and Hello Kitty). And while I was working in the yard today in this beautiful spring weather, it occurred to me that our Spanish lavender bloomed last weekend for the very first time.

So now every year, I'll think of Maggie when the Spanish lavender blooms.

I like that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Critter Causes Fire

Some excitement yesterday morning – woke at dawn to find 6 fire engines, plus police, ambulances, news crews, etc. parked on our little street. (There was even a fire response vehicle in our driveway.) The 3-plex across the street had a fire due to a possum in the attic chewing on wiring. Everyone got out safe, and the house supposedly only suffered $15k worth of damage, but there was an awful lot of water being sprayed up on the second floor.

Daniel made it onto the news.

Eight Days in New York (in two minutes or less)

An assortment of dark and blurry shots from our snowpocalypse 2010 NYC trip, set to Medeski, Martin and Wood: