Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ghetto crock-pot home sous vide setup

Been playing with budget sous vide the last few months. Here's our

One crockpot on "warm" setting
One instant read thermometer, immersed in the water bath to monitor

Found out pretty quick that our crockpot hovers around 140 degrees on
Warm, so in theory, we don't really need to use the thermometer
anymore. 140 is pretty ideal temp for cooking pork, as trichenosis is
killed at 137.

Our third pork tenderloin attempt had been in the water bath
unattended for about 8 hours. We'll take it out soon, sear it (sous
vide leaves meat with an unappetizing appearance - searing is crucial)
and it'll be ready to eat.

Since we don't have any control over temp (we're stuck with 140) we've
only played with pork tenderloins so far. Might try steak next, though
this temp is maybe a little high.

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