Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adobe Launches CS6 this Week

Adobe Launches CS6 this Week — Ganger Design, Milwaukee, WI

8 months after CS5 came out, I'm still on CS4. Why? Because it works fine. Because I already own it. Because all my clients are still using it, too, so I haven't run into any problems with not being able to open their supplied files. I'd like a new car, too. But I don't need one.

This week, I'm talking to a new potential new client, who would require that I go to CS5. ~$600 to upgrade Design Premium, basically (as far as I'm concerned) so that I can avoid having to ask this client to save InDesign and Illustrator files down to CS4 for me. $600 for a glorified file converter.

This annoys me. I love new software as much as the next person. I love new features. But I don't need new software. I don't need new features. Maybe this makes me sound like a curmudgeon, railing against progress.

But I like to weigh the benefits against the cost. Some upgrades were clearly worth it. Given the kind of work I do, CS4 to CS5 is not a worthwhile upgrade for me — I'd prefer to just skip CS5 altogether and wait for CS6. I've looked at the new features, and CS5 will not save me $600 worth of time by making me a more efficient production artist (Chances are, I'll need to install more RAM, which will cost even more. My machine may still slow down. Then there will be the learning curve). Really, productivity is all I care about.

So, anyway, in trying to decide if I need to now go ahead and upgrade, even though I really don't want to, I Googled around a bit to see when CS6 is predicted to arrive (i.e., here we go again). Found this fun rant from someone of the same mindset.

Adobe Launches CS6 this Week — Ganger Design, Milwaukee, WI

I'll probably eventually cave. Then immediately thereafter, Adobe will surely announce the release of CS6.

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