Saturday, January 29, 2011

Buy this desk, because it is awesome. And your money will go to a good cause.

I've been trying to come to terms with the fact that I have to get rid of this awesome desk. So far, my passive aggressive efforts to keep it have included posting a single "ambitiously" priced ad on Craigslist, hoping that either no one would call or that they'd give me so much money, I wouldn't care. This effort was successful in that, not surprisingly, I still have the desk.


But now I've stumbled onto a cause I want to support, and it occurred to me that this cause might be a way to find the awesome desk a good home. So I'm emotionally ready to let go.

You'll have to come to my house in Beacon Hill to view it, but when you buy this awesome desk, that money is going to help fund the release of Nicolette Good's upcoming EP.

If you don't know Nicolette Good, here she is.

I'm a fan of her music, and she's gearing up to release a new recording soon. If you tend to like rootsy stuff, I think you'll like her music, too. If you want to, you can click on the EP cover and go listen to some tracks. But then you should come back and buy this awesome desk.

Here are the details:

Desktop measures 66" wide by 32"deep.

Three drawers (one large drawer suitable for files, two smaller)

Two pull-out writing surfaces.

Solid wood construction with wood veneer

Brass-plated (I think) drawer pulls and "feet"

Woven reed privacy panel

Structurally seems very sound. Cosmetically, pretty darn good with some major exceptions:

• The desktop has a lot of surface flaws and some deep scratches, some damage to the wood veneer in one back corner, and discoloration in the finish in the area where your arms would rest.

• There are two tears in the woven privacy panel, which could be patched or repaired. However, because the tears are high up, they are not really visible if the desk is placed against a wall.

See the full Flickr set for detail shots of the damaged areas.

Thinking that $150 OBO is a good starting point for the suggested donation / "adoption fee." Emphasis on the OBO, because:

a) it's for a cause, so if it doesn't sell, this is pointless;

b) I need to get it off my porch (don't worry, it hasn't been out in the elements - I have a big ol' porch);

c) if someone in the SATX arts scene wanted to give it a good home, that would mean a lot to me. Like wanting your beloved dog to retire on a farm.

So drop me a line if you want to come see it. Don't worry – if you take it home, I won't insist on coming to visit it later. Probably.


  1. And, it's gone.

    It went to, I think, the best home it could have gone to – when I told Nicolette I'd sell it and donate the money to her, she said something about how she was kind of taken with it, and that maybe she'd buy it from mee herself because she didn't have a desk.

    No desk?! A writer and songwriter with nowhere to comfortably write? And here I am with two? One of which is both awesome and has become an albatross around my neck?

    So I talked her into taking it off my hands – she clearly fell in love with it the way I did, and it made no sense to sell this awesome desk for $150, then donate the $150 to her, so she could turn around and buy some inferior desk with the money.

    I am so stoked to have found a good home for this thing. Best possible ending, and I had fun blogging about it.

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