Sunday, December 6, 2009

Still in tourist mode...

Home and rested, but the cupboards are beyond bare, so out for breakfast at the Guenther House.

No pho to be found on the menu, so we had to settle for waffles and biscuits with country gravy.


  1. Clicked the Guenther House link and what did I find? The company that makes my favorite all-purpose baking mix -- Pioneer. There's recipes, too. Good ones.

  2. Yeah, Guenther House is the restaurant on site of the Pioneer Flour Mill in San Antonio - the company started here in the 1850s and, while much larger now, is still family owned. The restaurant is in the mill founder's original house on the site.

  3. I said we're still in tourist mode, but in actuality, I couldn't talk Daniel into going to the museum and gift shop upstairs of the restaurant... :)


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