Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 3: Ho Chi Minh City

[NOTE: When we traveled to Vietnam in 2009, I used Posterous for a lot of the photo hosting for this blog, because it as an easy way email photos from my phone.

With the subsequent death of Posterous, now most of my Vietnam travel posts have broken image links... I have the photos still, but it will take some time to recreate the visual narratives... Apologies for broken links below.]

We only had one full day in Ho Chi Minh (though we do pass through again for a day at the end of the trip), and were so fortunate to be able to hook up with our new friends Chris and Yan for a day of whirlwind walking-tour sightseeing and bar hopping in/near the city center. Chris is Robyn's brother (a good friend of ours in San Antonio), and has lived and worked in Asia -- Vietnam and China, where he met Yan -- for a number of years. We're on a plane tomorrow to Hoi An, but once settled there, should have some downtime to post in more detail. Until then, a few photo highlights.


  1. It reminds me a bit of the Philippines; not sure why, but it does.

  2. Hey from all the guys at Riley's. - Glenn

    Hey Kim and Daniel, pics look like great weather. Give us some good stories and stay safe. Later - Brad.


  3. everybody's asking what the time difference is. Wake up and tell us.

  4. There's this new thing called Google. Maybe you've heard of it :)

    We're 13 hours ahead, I think. 10:30 @ Riley's for you guys was 11:30 am for us the next day. Or something like that.......

  5. Meaning you guys were drunk and we were not ;)


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