Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 4: travelling - Saigon to Da Nang to Hoi An

[NOTE: When we traveled to Vietnam in 2009, I used Posterous for a lot of the photo hosting for this blog, because it as an easy way email photos from my phone.

With the subsequent death of Posterous, now most of my Vietnam travel posts have broken image links... I have the photos still, but it will take some time to recreate the visual narratives... Apologies for broken links below.]

After an uneventful domestic flight on Vietnam Air and a 1-hour taxi ride from Da Nang, we are settled in stop 2, the sleepy town of Hoi An, a tourist destination on the Central coast (lots and lots of tourists... a completely different experience from Saigon).

We'll be here for the next 3 days, where we plan to have some clothes made at one of the innumerable tailors, and also take a half day Vietnamese cooking class.

Vietnamese wedding reception -- this was the only shot we managed to snap of the probably more than 20 receptions we passed on the short main drag in Da Nang. Imagine if every little Mexican restaurant on a one-mile stretch of Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio was having a Quincinera at the same time, and you kind of get the idea -- dresses and decorations of all different colors. (The first one we saw, the bride was wearing gold). The driver said yesterday was a "very lucky day" to have a wedding -- it was an unexpected treat to stumble onto.

Room balcony in Hoi An, looking down on the hotel's courtyard.

We were tired and had some delayed jet lag, so only spent an hour or so walking around the town.

Had a fabulous meal in a little hole in the wall called the Mermaid Cafe.


  1. we're lovin' your blog here at Riley's. Lots of guesses about what's what in the market. Love the photos. Brad pulled up Google Earth and we're learning our geography. Look up, we're hoovering above you right now.

  2. Dear Old Crow Boys -- More drunk posting from Riley's Tavern, please. :) Loving it.

    Sincerely, the Management

  3. The Mermaid Cafe looks great!
    No Brains and Hearts??

  4. If only the tinman and cowardly lion had known the could just buy them at a market in Saigon :). But, no, no mysterious organs for us. Haven't even seen that kind of thing on a menu anywhere. But we really are sticking to the beaten path...

  5. Thanks for posting these pictures. It is great to go on the virtual journey with you two!

  6. Sharon - I thought of you yesterday - met and exchanged contact info with two great girl travelling from Germany -- they live in Bavaria. If you go back to Germany and hit that part of the country, I'll give you their names.

    Maggie - the lanai is what sold me on the place! :)

  7. The room view is awesome! Looks like a great time so far. Looking forward to living vicariously through your blog and photos...


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